Fashion modeling is the most popular type of fashion runway and show modeling however, it is only one of many different types of modeling shows and modeling work. This video below is for a makeup and hair runway show. Rather than the fashions being the highlight, the hair and makeup of the models is what the audience is looking at.

Hair and makeup modeling is another type of modeling. With this type of work, it is not the designers the model is working for, but rather the makeup artists and hair stylists. This is another type of modeling work that is available and being cast for. Many times, the models do not have to meet the height and weight requirements that are in place for high fashion modeling.

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Liu Wen

April 6, 2008

Asian Top Models

MOdel Anna Sinkovska

April 6, 2008

Model Anna Sinkovska

Kate Moss, behind the scenes photoshoot for James Brown London. The London based supermodel and Session hairdresser

Kate Moss

April 6, 2008

Video compilation of Kate Moss in mid 90’s, for such famed designers as Gianni Versace, Anna Sui and Karl Lagerfeld.

2 Supermodels, Kristy Turlington and Kate Moss having a girl moment while waiting for hair and makeup at a fashion show.

Compilation of Christy Turlington

Fabulous Christy T. getting her college degree after modeling and her recent achivements after catwalk fame. Christy is top notch and still going strong with new directions.


Here is a compilation of Linda Evangelista and Gianni Versace shows. This is the 1990’s and supermodels are all the rage with many of the runway models becoming household names.

This is when fashion shows had lineups such as this… Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour, Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Yasmeen Ghauri, Elaine Irwin, Karen Mulder, Beverly Peele, Heather Stewart White, Susan Holmes, Carla Bruni.

And the entire world knew who they were. Things have changed a bit since then, but many models still remain house hold names.

Supermodel Madness as these top names in fashion appear on the catwalk.

Supermodels Stephanie Seymour, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Karen Mulder, Claudia Schiffer and Helena Christensen at the same time on the Gianni Versace 1991 fall-winter fashion show.

Gurmit, Marpessa and Heather Stewart Whyte are also taking part.

Fashion Time Warp. Mid 90’s runway with these top names in modeling in this fashion show video. Gianni Versace / Spring-Summer 1992

Cindy Crawford
Stephanie Seymour
Claudia Schiffer
Yasmeen Ghauri
Nadege DuBospertus
Helena Christensen
Linda Evangelista
Elaine Irwin
Karen Mulder
Carla Bruni
Niki Taylor
Naomi Campbell
Susan Holmes
Beverly Peele
Emma S